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Founded in 2007 in Rome, Emons Edizioni is a renowned publisher for audiobooks and books.

In 2020 Emons launched its first children’s book. We publish only Middle grade books and our books can be read and listen: they have a QR Code that enables to listen to the audiobook, too. The idea of two formats in bundle has been very well received and considered a winning point.


The series Piazza Bella Piazza

A series of short novels about our country. Stories well rooted in our territory, so as to build, book after book, a literary map of Italy that highlights its richness of its diversity. Each volume has a Qr Code for the audiobook and three audio extras to hear the voices of places and monuments. "Piazza bella piazza" (Square, beautiful square) is the first verse of a popular nursery rhyme. 10+

Simona Baldelli's novel about fear and courage takes place in the Pesaro hills in the 1950s; Lilith Moscon's in nowdays Florence, Alberto Milazzo's novel is set in the Palermo botanical garden.  


The series I Misteri di Mercurio (Mercury's Mysteries).

Written by well-known Italian authors –  Pier Domenico Baccalario, Daniele Nicastro, Manlio Castagna, Davide Morosinotto, Giada Pavesi, Fiore Manni, Michele Monteleone, Guido Sgardoli, Elena Peduzzi –, each novel is about three friends who make a journey through time. In the past they get to know a great master of Italian art (Giorgione, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Giotto, Artemisia Gentileschi, Leonardo da Vinci, Tiziano) and must solve some obscure mystery before going back home.

A fun, well-organised series, with plenty of humour as well as detailed historical reconstruction. The descriptions of the artists’ characters and their world draw from historical sources and are woven naturally into the plot.


The series Wild Videomakers is written by Andrea Vico, a well known scientific journalist whose workshops are always packed with students.

It is a narrative non-fiction project for children 10+ on scientific and evironmental issues. Told in a very captivating style, it is a very effective approch to the theme of climate change. It is designed to help children reflect, through the adventures of Sofia, Zhenji, Tommaso and Paolo, on what is happening on the Earth and what we can all do to live in a more sustainable way. Every book is dedicated to a different animal and its environment: the turtles (the sea), the wolves (the mountain), and so on. 


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